Can You Cover a Kidney-Shaped Pool?

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Can You Cover a Kidney-Shaped Pool?

In our years of experience making pool covers, we have learned that covering kidney-shaped pools can be just as easy as covering rectangular pools. You still have the options of using a bubble cover or a manual cover, but we highly recommend installing an automatic cover. Not only are they ASTM-certified for safety, they are also incredibly convenient and can help save you hundreds of dollars every year in energy costs.

It is the pool deck which determines whether or not an automatic pool cover can be installed on an existing (or new) pool – not the shape of the pool itself.  All you need is enough deck around your pool to form a rectangle around the four sides of the pool.  If there is enough deck to do that and you have an additional foot or so of deck at each end of the rectangle, you should have no problem installing a pool cover. Permitting the mechanism to have a one-foot setback from the pool on the end where you prefer the mechanism to be (usually the deep end) and a one-foot-or-so setback on the other end of the rectangle allows plenty of room to comfortably install the cover.

The only other significant consideration has to do with identifying any potential obstacles (i.e., skimmer, pool ladder, diving board, etc.) which may be inside the rectangle, although I am quick to point out that these types of obstacles are less important than having enough deck to form a rectangle around your pool. In most cases, it is relatively easy to adjust the rectangle such that the rectangle (or the track positioning) is on one side or the other of a pool skimmer.  In the case of pool ladders, Pool Cover Specialists® provides adaptors that permit ladders to be hinged out of the way when a pool cover is extended or not in use and dropped back into place when you are using the pool. In most cases, an automatic cover mechanism fits very nicely underneath a diving board if one is present.

If anything else needs to be done to facilitate the installation of an automatic pool cover, Pool Cover Specialists’®  team of engineers and technical experts are extremely talented in creating simple solutions to any problem involving the installation of an automatic pool cover on a new or existing pool.  You know those engineering types; they love a challenge! In the case of a new pool, make sure to put us in contact with the pool builder of your choice before construction begins so that the cover can be integrated into the sub-structure of the pool itself.  If the builder you have chosen, refuses to do automatic covers or tries to talk you out of including one, run (don’t walk) as fast as you can to a pool builder who is professional.  No professional builder would ever discourage the use of safety equipment of any kind to someone contemplating a swimming pool.  In fact, if the builder you are thinking about is not knowledgeable about the importance of considering all types of safety equipment and is not capable of explaining the merits of safety equipment to you, you definitely have the wrong pool builder.

Finally, I should point out that automatic pool-cover systems from Pool Cover Specialists® are designed to minimize any distraction to the pool environment.  Even on a freeform pool, an automatic cover can be designed to be almost invisible to the pool environment when the cover is retracted and you are enjoying the pool environment.  Today’s professional pool builders are artists.   It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful today’s swimming pools can be.

Our goal at Pool Cover Specialists® is to preserve the integrity of the pool environment, so that you don’t have to choose between having an automatic cover and an incredible pool.  The days when you had to choose between safety, reducing maintenance, and conserving energy (saving money) at the expense of having a beautiful pool are gone.  With an automatic cover from Pool Cover Specialists®, you get to have your cake and eat it too – and that’s the way we like it.

For more detailed information or answers to additional questions, please feel free to contact Pool Cover Specialists® at 800-369-5152 or click below and we’ll contact you at your indicated convenience.



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