How Long Does a Mesh Cover Last?

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How Long Does a Mesh Cover Last?

How long your mesh pool cover or “winter cover” lasts depends on several factors:

  • Material/Fabric-The quality of the mesh itself is a huge factor in figuring out how long your mesh cover will last over time. However, it is not the only factor at play here. I say this because even though you could purchase a mesh cover made from the best mesh available, it is of course, not immune. In short, this means accidents may happen which could damage the mesh. Following this same train of thought, you could have the finest mesh cover ever made, but if it’s covering a pool filled with nasty corrosive still water vs. a well maintained pool it won’t take a genius to tell you which cover will last longer. However, more often than not, mesh covers are ideal for pools on properties that are foreclosed or uninhabited.
  • Weather Conditions-Most Mesh Covers are built to withstand hard weather conditions, and it’s important to remember that because of this fact, they go by another name too, winter covers. Since they are mesh, they keep out debris and let water through, meaning you don’t need a cover pump if you are using one. Still, there are places that do have harsher climates than others, and in knowing this, it is important factor in knowing how long your cover will last.
  • Pool Conditions-Under well-maintained pool conditions, mesh covers  ill last you years to come, however, if your mesh cover is covering a pool that isn’t being maintained, there are definite variables at play that can affect how long your cover lasts over time.

Although we can’t exactly give you an exact answer, at least now you know why this is the case. We can tell you however, that here at Pool Cover Specialists® we took in these factors and built a mesh cover designed to withstand these variables. We know for a fact that our mesh covers last our consumers years to come, whether they are in use with a well-maintained pool or are being used mainly to prevent debris and reduce cleanup at a later time.

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Pictured: Types of mesh cover material available from PCS®

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