Benefits of an Automatic Swimming Pool Cover

What Are the Benefits of a Pool Cover Specialists® Automatic Swimming Pool Cover?

Automatic swimming pool covers save lives, save money, and they are environmentally friendly. We sum it all up with our catch phrase: Beautiful, Safe & Green™

Automatic Swimming Pool Covers Save Lives!

Safety 089

A Pool Cover Specialists® automatic swimming pool cover is classified as an “Isolation” Barrier in some U.S. States, which unlike other barriers or fences, an ASTM certified Automatic Pool Cover actually isolates the pool water from the pool deck and its surroundings eliminating the temptation of the water all completely.

Water…swimming pool water in particular carries a fascination with children. Children are drawn to water they can see. When you can “Isolate” your pool water, you remove much of the temptation…because automatic swimming pool covers completely covers the water and seal the pool on all 4 sides. Other safety devices only block access to the pool water or sound an alarm once the child is already in the pool. An automatic swimming pool cover has tracks on two sides, a strong  leading edge bar on the front end of the cover and a motor assembly at the other end, completely sealing off all points of entry into the water. An ASTM Certified automatic swimming pool cover is strong and, in an emergency, can be walked on…similar to walking on a waterbed. This solid surface makes a safety barrier that even if a child falls, runs, crawls, or in any manner gets on top of the cover is virtually impenetrable.

climbing pool fence 2 climbing pool fence 3 climbing pool fence 6

NOTE: We are NOT saying do not use a pool fence! We are saying…if you have a pool fence or an alarm, we recommend you also installing an automatic swimming pool cover to add another layer of protection. Bottom line…You can Never be Too Safe! Several Major States, Florida, California and Indiana, now recognize ASTM compliant “Automatic” or “Powered” swimming pool covers as “Stand Alone Barriers” due to their ability to be a horizontal fence.

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Out of the three recommended safety barriers, an automatic swimming pool cover is still the only isolation barrier that also saves you money and helps stop evaporation…a perfect trifecta, and they are one of the safest investments you could ever make for protecting your family and pets. A Pool Cover Specialists® automatic swimming pool cover meets all safety codes: ASTM F1346-91 (2010), ISPSC 305.1, IAPMO 415.1.3 and ASHRAE.

The Benefit of Saving Money


If you wouldn’t heat your house without a roof…then why would you heat your pool without an automatic swimming pool cover! Pool Cover Specialists® Automatic Swimming Pool Covers save you money, and have a Return on Investment (ROI) of approximately 2 to 5  years. The savings potential has been proven over and over again with major studies including the most conclusive and expansive study conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy (D.O.E.).

house without a roof

To See many of these Studies go to . To put it in simple terms…you place a roof on a house to contain the heat and save energy…a swimming pool cover does the same thing for a heated pool by being a “vapor barrier” and stopping as much as 70% to 90% of the swimming pools evaporation. Evaporation is what pulls the heat from the pool forcing the pool heater to run more. No matter how efficient your Pool Heater…if you are losing all the heat, or are efficiently heating the sky unless you trap the heat in the pool.

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Below is one of the charts created by the D.O.E showing heating costs in pools around the country…with a pool cover and also what the costs are without the pool cover. (Click on the picture to blow it up and make it easier and clearer to read).

DOE Cost of Heating a Pool with & without a pool cover

An automatic swimming pool cover can save you 50% to 85% on your annual pool heating bill, stop up to 93% of water evaporation, and because you are not losing water through evaporation…it can reduce your chemical bills by as much as 50%. An automatic swimming pool cover also saves you the cost of replenishing the pool water.

US-Department-of-Energy Outdoor Pool Energy Loss Chart Indoor Pool Energy Loss Chart

Here is the DATA from the U.S. Department of Energy (D.O.E.) & Other Studies

D.O.E. Estimating Heat Pump Swimming Pool Heater Costs and Savings: (This is where you will find the Chart used on this page)

D.O.E.: Estimating Swimming Pool Gas Heating Costs and Savings: (This is where you will find the Chart used on this page)

Energy Smart Pools Program Chesaning Union Middle School

Florida Energy Systems Consortium

D.O.E Study on Swimming Pool Covers

Measurement and Analysis of Evaporation from an Inactive Outdoor Swimming Pool

International Swimming Pool Cover Association (ISPACA): (Compilation of Studies)

The Benefit of Saving Water and Being Environmentally Friendly

evaporation from a pool Evaporation off of pool

A Pool Cover Specialists® Automatic Swimming Pool Cover, because it saves energy and water… is environmentally friendly or “GREEN” and can save up to 25,000 gallons of evaporated water or more per year. A pool cover reduces evaporation by 70-95%, as per the U.S. Department of Energy study and will also cut down on chemical usage…mainly because chemicals dissipate with the evaporation and from wind blowing across the top of the water. Pool covers also cut down on carbon emissions when you have a heated pool, with the average being a savings of up to 3 to 6 tons of C02 kept from being released into the atmosphere.

Pool evaporation rates vary based on air movement, heat, shade, water temperature, and humidity. Arrive at your pools present rate of evaporation by marking a spot on your pool wall and observe the lower water level. Then compute the monthly savings you could achieve using an automatic pool cover

Here is a standard pool water evaporation chart

Swimming Pool Water Average Evaporation Chart

Pool evaporation rates vary based on air movement, heat, shade, water temperature, and humidity. Arrive at your pools present rate of evaporation by marking a spot on your pool wall and observe the lower water level. Then compute the monthly savings you could achieve using an automatic pool cover

The Benefits of Convenience


A Pool Cover Specialists® Automatic Swimming Pool Cover saves time, effort, and “your” energy! Almost all other manual, pin-down and mesh safety covers are cumbersome and in some cases require more than 1 person to put on and remove. They can also take from several minutes to 30 minutes to over an hour to install and remove, which does not work when you are trying to run and catch the ringing phone, have to step inside for just a minute…while the kids are playing in the back yard.

Lane Lazerich Sandy Utah small Deer On Cover OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

When a pool cover isn’t easy to open or close, takes too much time to open or close and is basically “inconvenient”…it doesn’t get used and the pool owner doesn’t gain ANY of the benefits listed on this page…bottom line, a pool cover only works when you use it!

Convenience Ball

Here’s where a Pool Cover Specialists® Infinity 4000™ and PowerTRAK automatic swimming pool covers really shine! Just turn the key or type your code into the touch pad, and in just seconds your swimming pool can be covered or uncovered..No lugging heavy tarps or hand cranking, just simple, easy, no muss and no fuss…you can be swimming in no time. It is the convenience of opening or closing your pool in seconds, as often as you like, that helps reduce energy consumption and gives you the time to enjoy your pool. You get big benefits with no effort and the pool cover actually gets used and provides you with the life saving, energy saving and water saving benefits.

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DSC_0484 Pool Cover Specialists, Utah

Lets talk about the other issue when you don’t have a pool cover…debris in your pool, leaves, pets, dirt, etc. Nobody likes swimming with all kinds of stuff floating in the pool or looking at piles of dirt, leaves and sediment at the bottom of the pool just waiting for you to stir it up. n Automatic swimming pool stops almost all of that…again, how fantastic to be able to turn a key and open your pool cover that may have leaves and dirt and everything else on the cover…but your pool water is CLEAN and ready to be swam in. That right there is Convenience!

PCS automatic pool cover 51 PCS_automatic pool cover (8)

Benetiz (4) a CE061101LG03

Your pool or spa should be an oasis from your busy life, a place to relax and feel like you are being pampered…not an inconvenience that requires work and cleaning every time you just want to take a quick swim or sit by your pool and just enjoy looking at the peaceful, tranquil and crystal clear waters. Automatic swimming pool covers keep pools free of dirt, leaves and other debris so you can spend a lot more time enjoying your pool and a lot less time cleaning your pool–or paying someone else to do it for you.

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