How Do I Replace The Fabric On An Automatic Pool Cover?

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How Do I Replace The Fabric On An Automatic Pool Cover?

Getting a replacement vinyl cover from Pool Cover Specialists® is a simple process, since we often replace the fabric covers of many Automatic Pool Cover Owners, whether they purchased the unit from us or a competitor, although the latter is a far more frequent occurrence. All you have to do is give us the dimensions at one of our dealerships, choose the color of the cover, and we will hand sew and create your cover in either West Jordan, Utah or Knightsburg, Indiana depending upon which side of the Mississippi you reside in.

The best thing to do would be to give us a call (800-369-5152) and we can tell you a little more about the process and put you in contact with the closest dealership in your area or work with you directly depending on your location.

Once you arrive at the dealership, the process is simple, and the sales representative there will be there to guide you through. They will take your cover dimensions, learn about the type of system you have and it’s setup, and then ask you which color you’d like. We have ten in stock, but custom colors are available, so just let your sales representative know your color preference. Then, the order will arrive in our shop, where we will custom build it to the exact specifications given to us by dealership.


Once is it complete, the new replacement cover will be either be sent directly to you or the dealership, depending on your preference (whether it’s you who will be installing the new cover or the dealership).

If you have any questions or are interested in a new cover or an automatic pool cover system from Pool Cover Specialists®, just call us at 800-369-5152 or click below and we’ll contact you at your indicated convenience.



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