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YES, I WOULD LIKE TO ORDER A POOL WATCHDOG™ SWIMMING POOL SAFETY CAM™! Enter your info below to find a Retailer In Your Area! or Call 1-800-369-5152

Your Pool WatchDog™ Swimming Pool Safety Camera is a WiFi enabled “plug-n-play” IP Camera that operates through your existing wireless router and internet service (can also be hard wired) so there is NO monthly service fee required! (Optional monitoring service is available upon request.)

Just like a real watchdog…your Pool WatchDog™ Swimming Pool Safety Cam™ can help keep an eye on your swimming pool when you’re on vacation, at the office, or just in the other room…and give you a warning “BARK”, via Text or Email, to get your attention and alert you to potential danger around your swimming pool!

The Pool WatchDog™ Pool Camera does much more than just send Text and Email “Alerts” to your Smartphone, Tablet or PC if someone comes near your pool or opens your pool cover (you can control the alarm functions through your phone, PC or Tablet)! Your Pool WatchDog™ pool camera uses Streaming Video to SHOW you who it is…giving you the opportunity to take action if it’s needed!

The Pool WatchDog™ Pool Safety Camera™ works on ANY swimming pool no matter the size or shape (may need more than 1 pool camera on some pools) and you can use it with ANY manufacturers automatic swimming pool cover! Order 1 or more for your pool (you can connect up to 9 cameras through the Pool WatchDog™’s interface) right now by going to the Retailer where you picked up your flyer or saw the poster…check the map below or call us at 800-369-5152 and we can find the retailer closest to you!