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Welcome to Pool Cover Specialists ®

Pool Cover Specialists® is celebrating its 30th year as one of the world’s largest automatic swimming pool cover manufacturers with 2 state-of-the-art manufacturing plants to serve all of North America and the world. After 30 years in business with dealers in over 14 countries, we’ve helped design and manufacture automatic swimming pool covers to fit almost any shape, style, new construction or existing pools. Let us help you with your pool, and you can count on exceptional customer support, a world class product with no hassles, and all the benefits an auto cover provides…all at a fair price that will fit into your budget.

Automatic Swimming Pool Covers

Contrary to common thought, pool covers don’t have to be a hassle or look ugly. In fact, our Infinity 4000™ automatic swimming pool cover is specifically designed to be exactly the opposite. We use beautiful an unique mounting methods to ensure that your pool, covered or uncovered, fits into your backyard environment and blends in. Automatic swimming pool covers have become so widely used because of the benefits they provide such as:

  • They increase the safety of your pool, making it all but impossible for a child or anyone from accessing your pool when the pool cover is closed.
  • They make your pool “greener” and save you money by saving up to 85 percent on energy bills and preventing 93 percent of evaporation.
  • They keep your pool looking beautiful by preventing debris from getting into your pool during the fall and winter months.
  • They can be customized to fit almost any size or shape of pool.
  • They are easy to use, incredibly durable and carry a 7 year warranty.

If you are tired of dealing with non-automatic pool covers that don’t do the job or are hard to use on a “consistent” basis, talk to Pool Cover Specialists®! We’ve got an automatic swimming pool cover for just about every pool!

Additional Products and Services from Pool Cover Specialists®

Pool Camera Button HomeBecause we want to help make every swimming pool safe, we now offer the incredible Pool WatchDog™ Swimming Pool Safety Camera™. The Pool WatchDog™ only takes about 5 minutes or less to set up and can help prevent the leading cause of accidental death in children under 4, and the 2nd leading cause of death in children under 14 years old (as per the 2013 study by the CDC): drowning.

To give yourself more peace of mind and make sure that all the members of your family are using your pool safely, make sure that you install a Pool WatchDog™ in your pool area, an receive text and email alerts anytime someone gets too close to your pool when you are at work or just in the other room. Whether you’re looking for an automatic swimming pool cover or need a safety pool camera, Cover Specialists® is here to help!

Call Pool Cover Specialists® today for all of your Automatic Swimming Pool Cover product and service needs at (800) 369-5152 or email us at info@poolcovers.com