What Is The Best Automatic Pool Cover Color?

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What Is The Best Automatic Pool Cover Color?

It depends really on what you mean by best, whether you’re focused on aesthetics, or functionality.

If you’re focused on finding the most aesthetically pleasing color for your current pool environment, the best pool cover color is the one you feel meshes best with the setting. If you aren’t sure about what color this might be, we can always provide you with assistance. We can always give you some ideas. For this purpose we have developed some guides for color matching that you might find helpful. My best advice is to look around your current pool environment and imagine the cover already over your pool, picturing the colors you have in mind. Remember, we may have 10 colors already in stock but we can always make covers out of custom colors, so just ask and ye shall receive.

Functionality wise, there are some colors that attract more heat to your pool than others, and some cover colors which fade faster than others.

For instance, darker colors, black, blue etc are known to absorb far heat from the sun than lighter colors. Conversely, light colors fade faster than darker colors in the sun and absorb less heat from the sun. However, unlike other manufacturer’s fabrics, we use the best fabric coupled with the best warranty in the industry, period. It is fade, mildew, algae, and fade resistant, with UV ray protection layers that maintain the original luster of the fabric.

So, if you purchase from us, the best choice really is YOUR choice, because with our fabric you won’t have to worry. Call us today and we’ll send a Pool Cover Color guide free of charge, with ten samples of fabric included as well as webbing samples as well (webbing holds your ropes and covers the side edges of your cover).

For more information on our products please feel free to call Pool Cover Specialists® at 800-369-5152 or click below and we’ll contact you at your indicated convenience.



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